Bikini FAIL

Bikini FAIL

Bikini FAIL

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8 Responses to “Bikini FAIL”

  1. OodlesofNoodles says:

    I’m more worried about their faces and that woman’s pink shorts in the background

  2. Zumx says:

    True, also his teeth doesnt seem to be real ones lol

  3. fail yore says:

    How about the “weed” necklace?

  4. samma_grace says:

    uhm. that old guy is strangely RIPPED.. id consider letting him have his pervy way with me.

  5. schaadrak says:

    I wish those were my hands…

  6. Gbxnjgdkucj says:

    That is so sexy

  7. The hawaiian says:

    talk about nice were do i find one so i can give it to my girl

  8. Anonymous says:

    - i need onee of thosee bikini’sx..!

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