Roof Surfing Epic FAIL Video

Fact: Some people are just idiots. Check out this kid trying to surf on his roof. Epic FAIL:

Stair Dance FAIL

Fat Guy Lake Cannonball FAIL (video)

Fat Guy Lake Cannonball Fail – Watch more Funny Videos

Pole Dance FAIL (video)

Pole Dance Face Plant – Watch more Funny Videos

Fireworks Epic FAIL (video)

This guy is an idiot.

Train Surfing FAIL (video)

Not a smart thing to do …

Karate Kid FAIL (video)

Levitation FAIL (video)

The “Art of Self Levitation” from America’s Got Talent

Shark Cage FAIL (video)

The shark cage fails to protect these divers as the shark smashes in and bites through their air hose.

Head in Toilet FAIL (video)

This toddler enjoys dunking his head in the toilet.

Roof Surfing FAIL (video)

Kitten FAIL (video)

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